Foodie Bucket List

Just in case you weren’t sure – FOOD is one of my favorite things. This list is mainly made up of the “national” or very popular foods by region and country. Here are the Top 100 dishes I want to eat, IN their respective countries:


X China – Szechuan Scallops
X Hong Kong -Dim Sum
X Japan – Sushi and Ramen
South Korea – Bulgogi
Taiwan – Suncake, Stinky tofu, Ba wan
X India – Paneer Butter Masala and Korma
X Bhutan – Ema Datshi
Sri Lanka – Rice and Curry
X Myanmar/Burma – Mohinga
X Cambodia – Amok Trey
X Indonesia – Nasi Goreng
X Laos – Sticky Rice and Larb
X Malaysia – Nasi Lemak
Philippines – Adobo
X Singapore – Curry Laksa, X Chilli Crab
X Thailand – Pad Thai and Panang Curry
X Vietnam – Pho
23 Dishes


X Morocco – Cous Cous and Tagine
South Africa – Bobotie
Tunisia – Brik
Tanzania – Ugali
Ethiopia – Injera
6 Dishes


X Austria – Palatschinken
X Belgium  – Moules frites
X Czech Republic – Svickova
X England – Fish and Chips, Full English Breakfast (no black pudding!)
X France – Crepes
X Germany – X Spatzle
X Greece – Moussaka, Gyro
X Hungary – Goulash
X Ireland – X Boxty, X Irish Stew
X Italy – Burrata, Pizza, Minestrone, Risotto
X Norway – Gravlax
X Poland – Pierogi, Bigos
X Portugal – Feijoada, Pastel de Nata
Romania – Mamaliga
Russia – Caviar with sour cream and X vodka.
Scotland – X Smoked Salmon, Vegetarian Haggis
Slovenia – Potica
X Spain – Tapas, Paella
Sweden -Smörgåsbord, X Meatballs
X Switzerland – Rösti, Fondue
32 dishes

Middle East

Cyprus – Halloumi, Fasolada
X Israel – Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanouj
Egypt – Ful Medames
Lebanon – Kibbe
Syria – Tabbouleh
X Turkey – Kebab
United Arab Emirates – Shawarma
10 dishes

Australia/New Zealand/Pacific

X Australia – X Meat Pie
Vanuatu – Laplap
Fiji – Yaqona
X New Zealand – X Pavlova, X Hāngi
New Caledonia – Bougna
6 dishes

South and Central America

X Chile – Empanadas, Pastel de choclo
Venezuela – Pabellón Criollo, Arepas
Colombia – Bandeja Paisa
X Costa Rica – X Gallo Pinto / Casado
Argentina – Asado, Empanada, Dulce de Leche
X Peru – Ceviche
Paraguay – Sopa paraguaya
10 dishes


Antigua and Barbuda – Fungee and Pepperpot
X Bahamas – X Conch Ceviche
Barbados – Cou-Cou and Flying fish
Canada – X Nanaimo Bar, Kraft Dinner
Cuba – Congri
Jamaica – Callaloo
X Mexico – X Fish Tacos
Saint Kitts and Nevis – Coconut Dumplings, Spicy Plantain
Saint Lucia – Green Bananas
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Roasted Breadfruit with Fried Jackfish
Trinidad and Tobago – Macaroni Pie
13 dishes

How many of these dishes have you tried? What favorites do you have that I’m missing?
Next week, I will post my USA Foodie Bucket list, to be followed by my Around the World for Dessert list.

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