K’s Bucket List tracker

K’s BIG and growing Bucket List  – not to be confused with my foodie list published earlier.


X See all 50 States by 50
X Visit 100 countries by 50
X Stand on the Equator
X Visit all 7 continents (6 down, 1 to go)


X Bruges
X Ghent
X Walk across the Charles Bridge
X Float the Seine River
X Eiffel Tower & Arc de Triomphe
X Cathedrale de Notre Dame
X Fontainebleau
X Ride the TGV
X Tour de France LIVE
X See the Mona Lisa
X Winged Victory of Samothrace
X Monet’s Waterlillies
X Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass)
X Sistine Chapel
X Michelangelo’s David
X Pieta
X Munch’s The Scream
X Matisse’s The Dance
X van Gogh’s Starry Night
X Birth of Venus
X Venus de Milo
X The Night Watch
X See ancient cave paintings
X Champs Elysees walk
X Drive an Autobahn
 Visit Heidelberg, Germany
 Float the Rhine River
X Neuschwanstein Castle
X Medieval walled city
X Berlin Wall
X Acropolis
 Run the ancient Olympics track
x Santorini – Caldera
x Ride an Icelandic horse
x Soak at the Blue Lagoon
x Book of Kells, Ireland
x Walk on the Giant’s Causeway
x Kiss the Blarney Stone
x Birthplace of my g.g grandparents
X Tower of London
X Westminster Abbey
X Ride the London Eye
X Shakespeare play in S-U-A
 Masquerade Ball in Venice
X Toss a coin into Trevi Fountain
X Leaning Tower of Pisa
X Hike Cinque Terre
X Grand Canal in Venice
X Human Chess in Italy
X Basilica of San Vitale mosaics
X The Adoration of the Magi
X Trajan’s Column
X Learn how to make gelato
X Learn to make macarons
X Gladiator School in Rome
X Papal blessing at Vatican
X Pantheon
X Pompeii – Murals at the Villa of the Mysteries
X Herculanaeum
X Anne Frank’s House
 Tiptoe through tulips
 Aurora Borealis
X Concentration Camp
X Hermitage, Russia
X Catherine’s Palace
X Peterhof
X Drink a shot of vodka in Russia
X La Sagrada Familia & Parc Guell
/ Throw a tomato at La Tomatina
X Ice Bar in Sweden
X Spice Market, Turkey
X Blue Mosque
X Ephesus


X Great Wall of China
X Float the Mekong River
X Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise
X Attend a cremation in Bali
 Maldives
X Tiger’s Nest Monastery
X Visit Schwedagon Pagoda
X Royal Palace & Jade Buddha
X Xi’An Terra Cotta Warriors
X Angkor Wat at sunsrise
X Hill-tribes in Northern Thailand
 Borobudur, Java
X Wayang Kulit
X Monkey Forest, Bali
 White Temple, Chiang Rai
X Tampaksiring Bath, Bali
X The Bund, Shanghai
 Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan
/ Meet Aung San Suu Kyi (well, we visited her office and her house)

North/South/Central America and Caribbean

X Statue of Liberty
X Empire State Building
X Niagara Falls
X Times Square
X Ground Zero
X Grand Central Station
X Jackson Pollock’s One; #31
X Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans
X Vietnam Veteran’s Mem. DC
X Lincoln Memorial
X Smithsonian
X White House
X Arlington Nat’l Cemetery, VA
X Liberty Bell, PA
X Amish – Lancaster County
X Gettysburg
 Fallingwater
X Freedom Trail, MA
X Old North Church
X Everglades, FL airboat
X Kennedy Space Center
X Key West
X Oglethorpe Square, GA
X New Orleans, LA
 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC
 Biltmore
X Graceland, TN
 Grand Ole Opry House
 Harpers Ferry, WV
 Kentucky Derby
X Gateway Arch, MO
 The Alamo, TX
X Sears Tower, IL
 Carhenge, NE
X Aspen Mountain, CO
X Mesa Verde
X Colorado River rafting
X Dinosaur Nat’l Monument
X Taos Pueblo, NM
 Roswell
X Carlsbad Caverns
X Bryce Canyon, UT
X Salt Flats
X Seligman, AZ
X Raft the Grand Canyon
X Visit Lake Powell
 London Bridge
X Petrified Forest
X Stand on all 4 Corners
X Old Faithful
X Jenny Lake/Grand Tetons, WY
X Float the Snake River
X Mt. Rushmore, SD
 Badlands, SD
X Mt. St. Helens, WA
X Space Needle
X Glacier Bay, Alaska
 Area 51, NV
X Hoover Dam
X Golden Gate Bridge, CA
X Hearst Castle
X Lake Tahoe
X Sequoia National Park
X Sea World
X Death Valley
X Alcatraz
X El Capitan, Yosemite
X Hollywood sign
 USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor, HI
X Haleakala crater
X A ghost town
 Cuba
 Attend Rio’s Carnival
X Float the Amazon River
X Chichen Itza
X Galapagos
 Panama Canal
X Antarctica
 Angel Falls – Venezuela
X Patagonia
 Pantanal
 Buenos Aires
X Machu Picchu
 Visit Easter Island Moai

Africa / Middle East

X Pray at the Wailing Wall
 Pyramids of Giza
 Suez Canal
 Nile River
X Swim in the Dead Sea
X Jerusalem
X Masai Mara, Kenya
 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
 Cape Town, S. Africa
X Marrakech, Morocco
 Endangered gorillas
X Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
 Zanzibar
 Okavango Delta, Botswana
 Madagascar

Australia / Oceania

 See Uluru
X Harbour Bridge
X Tramp New Zealand
X See the Sydney Opera House
X Dive the Great Barrier Reef
X Go on a jetboat


X Love / be loved unconditionally
X See myself in my child’s eyes
X Sleep under the stars
X Dive with sharks
X Be in a movie
X Help at an archaeological dig
 Learn to surf
 Perfect chocolate soufflé
X Read a book a week
X Learn to SCUBA dive
X Go on a zipline
X Ride in a helicopter
X Ride in a hot air balloon
X See a wild animal give birth
X Schweeb
X Milk a cow
X Swim with wild dolphins
 Walk in a cranberry bog
 Walk in quicksand
X Ride a Vespa / Scooter
X Ride a camel
X Ride an elephant
X Ride in a helicopter
X Ride in a blimp
/ Write a book
 Meet my grandchildren
 Learn to play golf (beyond putt putt)
/ Learn to speak a foreign language fluently
X Teach at the college level
 Send a message in a bottle
X Shower under a waterfall
X See a lunar eclipse
X Go in a real submarine
X Learn to waterski
X See Haley’s comet
X Try fencing
X Drive a go-kart
X Own a successful business
 Read all of Shakespeare’s plays
 Read Top 100 Classic books
X Plant a tree
X Have a garden
X See a whale in the wild
X Take 1 photo daily for a year
X Make a snowman
X Learn to ski
X Kiss someone in the rain
X Dance and sing in the rain
X Practice yoga
X Pull an all-nighter
X See a concert at Red Rocks
X Love a dog for its whole life
X Have a bonfire at the beach
X Learn archery
X Write a song
X Walk on an active volcano
X Go kayaking
X Talk to a psychic
X Take a road trip with a friend
X Learn to meditate
X See a Cirque du Soleil show
X Sleep in a castle
 Sleep in an igloo
 Sleep in an ice hotel
 Sleep underwater
X Sleep in a cave
X Sleep in a monastery / nunnery
X Sleep in a barn
X Eat only junk food for a whole day
 Spend 1 day with NO complaints
X Show a horse
X See an Opera
X Learn to play Chess
X See a movie with subtitles
X Leave a $100 tip on a $10 lunch
 Invent something
X Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
X Meditate in a Buddhist Temple
X Sing karaoke in a bar
 Be an organ donor
 See baby turtles hatch
X Shoot a shotgun
X See the Pope LIVE
X See Van Morrison LIVE
X See Lyle Lovett LIVE
X See James Taylor LIVE
X See Yo-Yo Ma LIVE
 Mystery trip – take random flight
X Snuggle a koala
X See a play on Broadway
X See a play at Leicester Square
X Pick berries
X Learn to blow glass
X Fly a kite
X Launch a rocket
X See a satellite cross the night sky
X Fly a lantern at Loy Krathong
/ Receive blessing HH Dalai Lama

1 thought on “K’s Bucket List tracker”

  1. Phil is excited about his starter wife, as am I! He was brought up on a farm, so cant believe you havent slept in a barn ( i havent either! – Kristy )
    I hope you love the dolphins in Kaikoura if you get there.
    Sorry we didnt say bye, we got pulled away.
    You, Jeff and Cooper have done some incredible things, we hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Phil & Kristy

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