20.4 Questions with Snoop: Guesstimates

In Snoop’s interminable quest to define everything mathematically, I thought I’d have him answer the following questions before we leave:

1. How many miles will we travel (do not include on foot)? 40,000
a. How many kilometers is that? 50,000
2. How many countries will we visit? 37
a. What is the square root of this number? 6.16
3. How many different types of transportation will we use? 9: bus, train, boat, plane, camel, bike, elephant, foot, car.
4. How long, in minutes, will our longest single airplane flight be? 450
5. How many NEW activities will you experience? at least 500
6. How many malaria pills will you take? 12.5
7. In how many different beds will you sleep (Laying in, jumping on, reading or napping in our bed doesn’t count as a new bed)? 115
8. How many nights will you go to bed after 9 p.m. (local time)? I’m guessing, at least 300
9. How many days will you get a treat? 420
a. Of those days, on what percentage of them do you hope to get more than one treat? 100%
b. And, what percentage will you ACTUALLY get more than one treat? Maybe 320 so 75% .(Keep dreamin’)
10. How many books will you read? at least 100
11. How many times will you see or do something so amazing that you say “WOW!” or exclaim some other interjection? 500
12. How many blog posts will you make? 60
13. If a train leaves Barcelona at 11:24 a.m. and arrives in Valencia, 192 miles away, 4 hours later, how fast will the train travel on average? 48
14. On how many days (of 420) will it rain, snow, sleet, hail or other adverse weather condition? 210
15. How many times will we do our laundry in a sink? (Count as one, each day, not item). 60
16. How many times will we Skype with family and friends? 50
17. How many times will we use the Steripen to purify water? 35
18. How many NEW foods will you try? 60
19. How many new people will you meet (you must actually exchange words with them – flight attendants count)? 425
20. On a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is the best/highest/most), including study days, on average, how much FUN will you have? 10×1000

We’ll compare his answers here to actual numbers on our return. Will he be close? He gets the dessert of his choice for every number within 20% of the actual, so, he is highly motivated!

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