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The Snoop will be maintaining this part of the blog. We’ll be keeping track of the answers for Snoop’s guesstimates right here.

1. How many miles will we travel?  73,379 as of July 9 in Denver, Colorado
a. How many kilometers is that? 118,092

2. How many countries will we visit? So far 39 (Iceland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Turkey, India, Bhutan, Thailand, Lao PDR, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Canada). Won’t count the USA.

3. How many different types of transportation will we use? 35. Limo, plane, bus, horse, car, train, subway, cable car, (does the Titanic ride count?), funicular, mine shaft elevator, ship, feet, elephant, camel, autorickshaw, kayak, longtail boat, car ferry, sampan, inflatable canoe, cyclo, motorbike, bicycle, alpine sled, Shinkansen, glass bottomed boat, luge, OGO, Shweeb, glass bottomed boat, Zodiac, monorail, tuk tuk, raft, tram, golf cart.

4. How long, in minutes, will our longest single airplane flight be? 528 minutes Auckland to Honolulu

5. How many NEW activities will you experience? 100+
Iceland: rode a horse, went lava caving, ate rotted shark, floated in a geothermally heated lagoon, drinking Krap Ice, run through the spray of a huge waterfall, throw a rock into a geyser, visit a lake made by a crater.
Ireland: Hand fed a baby cygnet, shook hands with a Leprechaun, saw a new musical instrument – Eilann pipes, walked on the Giant’s Causeway, touched a “miracle vision” stone in Knock, looked for berries in DIngle, saw a beehive house, ate sea salt caramel ice cream, held a baby goat, ate real bon bons, kissed the Blarney Stone, watched a glass “master” make a bowl at Waterford, had a drinking/singing night in a real Irish pub, tried corned beef and cabbage
Denmark: Saw a Salvador Daliesque piano,  saw an Invisible man, got pooped on by a seagull, celebrated the summer solstice.
Estonia: Made cute animals out of marzipan
Finland: Found Angry Birds soda and candy, tried Ben & Jerry’s Chew Chew Caramel for the first time (my new favorite), went to a Fortress built 300 years ago on a little island.
Russia: Patted one of those real fur hats with the earflaps, tried to outsmart trick fountains, tried buckwheat honey and a piroshki, saw a real da Vinci painting,
Sweden: Got hit in the head with a champagne glass by a drunk guy,  had a drink in the Ice Bar, danced with my mom on the cruise ship, visited a 400 year old ship and the skeletons of the people on it, answered music trivia questions correctly that adults didn’t get (on Mozart and Bach). Germany Tried menthol flavored gummy bears. saw a parade of tractors, tried a new soda, Schwip Schwap, rode a cable car up a mountain, visited a freaky torture museum, literally, had music out the wazoo. Belgium Saw the Peeing Boy statue, got something stolen, ate so much chocolate I nearly burst, made my own chocolate bar, truffles and mendiants, ate a macaron (more than one).
Saw the Tour de France LIVE.

6. How many malaria pills will you take? 11 (cut in half)

7. In how many different beds will you sleep (Laying in, jumping on, reading or napping in our bed doesn’t count as a new bed)? 127.

8. How many nights will you go to bed after 9 p.m. (local time)? All of them, but one, so far.

9. How many days will you get a treat? All a. Of those days, on what percentage of them do you hope to get more than one treat? 100% b. And, what percentage will you ACTUALLY get more than one treat? 167 of 400

10. How many books will you read? 54

11. How many times will you see or do something so amazing that you say “WOW!” or exclaim some other interjection? I lost count after 200.

12. How many blog posts will you make? 146 about 3 per week

14. On how many days (of 400) will it rain, snow, sleet, hail or other adverse weather condition? 77 of 396

15. How many times will we do our laundry in a sink? (Count as one, each day, not item). 59

16. How many times will we Skype with family and friends? 114

17. How many times will we use the Steripen to purify water? 1

18. How many NEW foods will you try? 53. Fermented Shark, Spatzle, Marzipan, Stuff like peanut butter but not, it is called Speculoos, Macarons in Paris, Indonesian Rijstaffel in Amsterdam, Dragon Tongues (tofu) in Cesky Krumlov, Sacher Torte in Salzburg, Rosti in Switzerland, Feijoa, Crema Catalan, Tomato Bread and Paella, (fisherman’s noodles) in Barcelona, Pasta e Fagiole in Venice, REAL, artisanal gelato all over Italy, Stuffed grape leaves in Greece, Menemen and Turkish delight, Wasabi Peanuts, broad bean puree in Turkey, Yellow Dal in India, Ema Datse in Bhutan, Sticky Rice in Bamboo, Fried Sticky Rice in Thailand, Fish in Banana Leaves in Lao, Shan Tofu and Hot Tofu in Burma, Shrimp Paste on sugar cane, coconut candies (various flavors), White Roses, breast milk fruit, dragon fruit. China introduced us to egg tarts (really from Portugal, but), vegetarian pork, steak, shrimp and chicken. miso Cod and eggplant in Japan. Nasi Goreng in Singapore, Rendang in Bali, Mie Goreng too. Australia – pickled cactus in a burrito, Bugs, Hot Raspberry, Chocolate covered raspberries, meat pies, barramundi, and scallop pie. New Zealand yielded Tarakini, Pavlova and Frank Ginger Beer.

19. How many new people will you meet (you must actually exchange names with them)? 19 1.Tom at Crown Limo 2-3. Gunnar and Florent at House of the Spirits 4. Bjarni at Reykjavik Thai 5. Michael on the way to the Blue lagoon 6. Brandon at the Blue Lagoon 7. Ragga at Viking Horses 8. Magda at the Swatch Store, Dublin 9-19. Helen and Mickey on the bus Kristin, Trudy, Shannon and Joss on the bus in Ireland Bing, John, Liza, Heather and Mala on the bus in Ireland 20. Per in Denmark 21-26. 27-32. Gede, Deddy and Osman on the cruise Jody and Jeff on the cruise Marilyn on the cruise

33-35. Wilhelm and Sissy and DUSTIN HOFMANN in Ruedesheim am Rhein 36. Xavier in Brussels 37 -43. Shirley, Ahmet, Sam, Danielle, Dick, Avram and Arlene in Paris, 44-46. Kees and Karel in Amsterdam, Alex (with the cool bike), 47. Mirek in Prague, 48-50. Nika in Cesky Krumlov, David and Marketa at Laibon in CK, 51.Christina in Vienna, 52-54. Ian, Markus and Alexandra in Salzburg, 55. Sylvia in Innsbruck, 56-59. Ema, Nat, Ralf and Hans in Murren, 60-62. Eliane, Elke and James in St. Gallen, 63. Dasha in Zurich, 64 – 67. Luz and Meryl in Barcelona (and Erin and Carrie from our cool cooking class), 68 -70. Kaola, Matt and Adrian from Valencia, 71. Diana in Bologna, 72-74 Klaudia, Antonella and Luigi from Pane Vino in Venice, 75. Silvia in Marostica, 76-79. Flavio, Micheloni, Franco and Jae in Bellagio;

80. Mrs. Vali in Monterosso, 81-83. Hicham

, Melanie and Balthazar in Rome. 84- 110. Joel, Ellen, Clare, Peter, Peter (Capt.), Sergey, Kathy, MaryAnne, Sue, Riyanto, Arnold, Nyoman, Clifford, Joel(2), AJ, Marietta, Maya, Yuliya, Gloria, Tim, Maritz, Julius, Anne, Kenny, Ariel and David on the ship.

111. Levent in Oludeniz (Buddy does not count), 112-113. Arzu and Muammer in Urgup.114-116, Erdem, Didim, Nurjan in Istanbul. 117-126. Rahul, Tapas, Krishna, Arjun, Belbil, Shipra, Radej, Monica, Pradip and Soni in India. 127-129. Robert, Dendup and Ganga in Bhutan. 130-134 Mike, Pop, Num, Ben and Tony in Thailand. 135-136 Bang and Chai in Lao 137 – 142 Bonny, Sammy, Kevin, Ao, Win-Win Htwe and John Baker in Burma.

143-44 Rith and Tay in Cambodia. 145 -155 Khoi, Anh, Ai and Yi, Trong, Thuc, and Michael, Mario, Maria, Andrew and Pam in Vietnam. 156-158 Winser, Jenny and Jennifer in China.

159 Seguro in Japan. 160-162 Muhammad and Mo in KL. 163-167 Daniel, Sarah, Jason, Kat and Kyle in Singapore. 168-173 Wayan, Ayu, Lanang, Sany Rose, Amelia and James in Bali. 174. Sanshi in Fremantle. 175. Kelly in Adelaide 176. Jenny in Melbourne. 177 – 200. DJ Bruce, Michael, Norma, Marian, Jim, Margaret, Catherine, Kayleigh, Kiara, Nathan, Nat, Gerry, Mandy, Edwin, Murni, Indrah, Ketut, Yana, Arthur, Alan, Jayne, Harrison, Neil and Jon on the cruise. 201-204. Ann, Binna, John and Linda in Port Douglas. 205-6. Tina and Marilyn in Burleigh. 207. Bridget in Hobart 208- 216. Ailey, Karen, Robert, Helen, Mackenzie, Neville, Chelsey, Phillip and Kristy in QT, 217-219. Michelle, baby Maria and Luis in Christchurch, 210 – 11. Doug and Heather in Picton, 212. Paul in Wellington. 213-14. Jane and Hugh in Napier 215-221. Julie, Joseph, James, Jim, Hudson, Wayne and Linda in Taupo, 222. Keith, Melissa, Delwyn in Rotorua. 225. Norm and Shelagh in Paihia. 227. Pono, Jim and Julia in Kauai. 230. Kanoa, Darryl, Dave, Ginger, Leta, Vonda, Luana, Libby, Duncan, Maka, Lee Na, Gavin and Savannah on the Big Island. 242. Mrs. King at SFO United Lounge. 243. Al in Niagara Falls. 244. Dava and Jenn in Boston. 246. Jane in New York. 247. Kelly and Ritchie in D.C.

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