Italy: Saffron Ravioli with Orange Peel from Pane Vino e San Daniele

Thanks again to Pane Vino e San Daniele for sharing!

These ravioli are one of the many kinds of culurgiones you can try in Sardinia. They are filled with ricotta cheese, saffron and orange zest, other typical recipes are with cheese and chard, or potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint.


700 gr. flour

300 gr. regrounded bran flour

10 eggs


Mix the 2 types of flour with the salt and the eggs. Work to obtain a smooth dough. Leave to rest for ½ hour and then lay out thinly. Make strips aproxmately 8 cm wide. Put a small spoon full of filling, fold the pasta to close and cut the tortelli in shape.


To 1 kg of ricotta add the citrus zests and the saffron to ones taste.

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