Snoop: Bergen, Norway

I LOVE BERGEN. I would live there if I could. Well, I would live there in the summer. Even though it was mostly cold and rainy, I would love to stay there for a month or two or three every year.

We got to hang out with my mom’s friends, Shari and Per and their adorable little dog, Marley. Isn’t he cute in his doggy dinghy in the jacuzzi?



They have a beautiful cabin about an hour south of Bergen that is right on the water. I caught a huge cod, but, he was so cute, we let him go.

We went to a party at the home of one of Shari and Per’s friends. This one guy was super funny after he had some drinks. He is not a very attractive woman.


We found another Escape Room there and it was cool. It was a little different than the ones in Hungary. It had little symbols on each key you unlocked that matched a little symbol on the lock that it opened. I’m not sure if I liked it or not. There was also a Mexican restaurant with some funny signs.


Thanks for such a fun time, Shari, Per, and Marley. I definitely want to come back to Bergen again.

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