Snoop: Budapest, Hungary

Two words: ESCAPE GAMES!

We played a couple of different Escape Rooms this time in Budapest. Wicklewood from Claustrophilia was fantastic. We were just inches from getting the final key out – we needed about 30 more seconds and we would have been triumphant.

The Pirate Cave is even cooler. It is heavily themed and the effects are fantastic. We got out with only 33 seconds to spare.
An added bonus was that we got to do both of them with Ms. MacMeekin who used to be the librarian at our school. She is living in Budapest for 2 years and teaching at the American International School. We visited the campus and it was beautiful.

The other big highlight was eating at Nobu (twice in 3 nights). This Nobu is way better than any other ones we have eaten at.




There was one tragic thing about this visit to Budapest. We were unable to find the guy with the best chimney cakes. We tried a couple of others, but, they did not impress me.

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