Welcome to our web home. The one permanent place we’ll have in a short time. We are just trying to get a handle on all of this, so, please be patient with us.
At some point, we’ll add our photos and memories of Costa Rica, our first practice trip. Why practice trips? First, we may be a bit on the slow side, when it comes to learning, so, figuring out what to pack and what stays is an iterative process. Second, we need to get used to being on the road again. After 9 years of a week here and 10 days there max, we need to get back in the swing of happily living in a different place every day or three. Third, we’ve gotta get the technology and work schedule figured out, and writing it on paper is wholly inadequate. Finally, who doesn’t LOVE traveling? I’ll take any excuse I can find to just go away!

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