Where to go, what to do

I think we have fully achieved “quandary” status. So many fabulous countries, so many amazing people and places and festivals and sights. We are having great difficulty narrowing down where to spend our precious 400 days. Slow travel me says – “one month per place at a minimum.” Obsessed with the new and different me demands, “See it all, DO IT NOW! HURRY UP!”

As one who eschews any and all medication, these two sides are driving me to reconsider this stance. Instead of listening to one side or the other, I thought it best that we make a family decision on this. Predictably, J is on slow travel me’s side and the Snoop is firmly encamped on the other. So, we must compromise. Here are the new rules:

50% of our days will be spent in places where we stay a minimum of 6-7 days in one place (I got boats to count as one place, woot!).
50% are a “sleep when you’re dead,” free for all.

In trying to view this as a marathon, not a sprint, I’ve been made to promise that, unless we truly HATE a place, we will stay for at least a couple of days everywhere. I have reserved 2% of our days as one night stopovers to accommodate limited transport schedules as needed.

I’ll let you know how it works out. Next time – our Top 10 “Can’t miss it” Places.

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