Snoop: Savannah, Georgia

We went to Savannah for a family reunion. My grandma KK’s family is from there. It was really fun to see all of my cousins, especially my cousin Ryan.
He used to live in Marin, so we got to see him every year when we went to Northern California, but, he lives back in L.A. now, so we don’t get to see him often enough.
That is him on the right. The cousin on the left is my cousin Murray. He is running to be the Mayor of Savannah. He is awesome. I hope he wins.

We did a ghost tour one night. Did you know that Savannah is the most HAUNTED city in America? It sure felt like it wandering around there.

My other cousin, GREG, took all of the pictures.

We also got to see where my Grandma KK grew up. Here is her old house:

The man on the left is KK’s brother, Stanley. The lady in the middle is my Aunt Marcia. I was hoping to go in the house. Maybe next time.

Finally, we went to the Bonaventure Cemetery. It is where a lot of Silvers and Mendels are buried.





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