Snoop: Oregon overall

We spent 5 nights in Oregon, and we stuck to the coast. We visited Astoria (quaint, with good ghost pepper fudge at the Farmers’ Market),
Cannon Beach (really pretty, cool Haystack Rock, awful food at Mo’s – DO NOT EAT THERE!), Newport (Sylvia Beach Hotel with the excellent library, book themed rooms and a nice view), Tillamook (Woohooo! Cheese and ice cream in one stop!) and Bandon Beach (really pretty beach with horse riding if you aren’t allergic to them, and a cute, little downtown). We also got to drive through a tree.

Here are some pictures:








I liked Oregon overall, mainly because it was beautiful, but, in my opinion, our food was less than stellar. That Mo’s Chowder place was horrible. If I had to live here, I would need to be at the very top of the state so that I could get to Seattle and eat at all of the yummy restaurants there. Maybe Portland had good food. Next time, we will visit there.

Also, the water at the beach was c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-COOOOOLD, and I prefer warmer water, so Oregon lost points.

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