Snoop: The Dead Sea

One of the last things we did in Israel was we went to the Dead Sea. We went to a spa which used to be waterfront property. Over the last 30 years, so many people have used the water, salt and minerals from the Dead Sea, it has shrunk. Now you have to take a sort of shuttle almost a mile to reach the shores. The Dead Sea is going down a metre a year. Pretty soon it is going to be the Dead Puddle.

It was fun to float around in the water. It’s kind of hard to put your feet down and stand up from a laying position because you are so buoyant. They also have a mud pit near the shore and you can rub the mud on your skin like a free spa treatment. It is 10 times saltier than the Pacific Ocean. The water does NOT taste good. And, when you get out, your body feels very oily / slimy. I don’t know if I would go back there, but, I am very glad we went.

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