Snoop: Jerusalem

Wow. What a huge difference between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I’ve never seen two places more opposite. Tel Aviv is modern, Jerusalem is ancient. Tel Aviv is secular, Jerusalem is intensely religious. Our guide Bruce said “Tel Aviv is an ugly city with a few beautiful areas, and Jerusalem is a beautiful city with a few ugly spots.” I liked both cities for different reasons. The beaches, the food, the high tech vibe, and that one of my teachers, Miss Naomi now lives in Tel Aviv are why I like it there.

Jerusalem has so much history and culture and character. I like it there too. If I had to live in one of them, I would pick Tel Aviv.
We walked all over Jerusalem. There are so many museums, historical sites and cool areas, you’d probably have to spend months here to see it all.

I like how the old city is split into four quarters – Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim. We got to walk through 3 of them and on the edge of the Armenian Quarter. It is interesting how it seemed like the Jewish people buy things only in the Jewish Quarter, and the same with the Christians and Muslims. The Armenian Quarter is closed to tourists for the most part. You have to go in and exit from a church, and I don’t think they let any random person in. The Western Wall is an intense, fascinating place. Also, there is a bakery in the Jewish Quarter called the New York Bakery. It sells the best black and white cookies I’ve ever had.

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