Snoop: Eilat, Israel

I love Israel. It has a little bit of everything. There are pretty beaches, nice people, lots of history, fun activities and great food.
Our trip started in Eilat. It is the southernmost city in Israel. When our plane was landing, you could see the national flags of Jordan and Egypt on either side of the Red Sea.

After a quick taxi ride, we arrived at our hotel, the Dan Eilat. It is a beautiful hotel with nice pools, and, it is right on the beach.

I would go back to Eilat because it is a great place to sleep off the jetlag of a 24+ hour travel day. Our favorite meal was at Achla Platinum Grill. They had the best hummus with mushrooms in the middle of the plate. They served it with foot-long pieces of just baked pita. Their specialty is different meats on skewers. Have you heard of Short fries?
I think I’ll PASS!

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