Snoop: Bosnia

We wanted to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sadly, our port was in Croatia, so to fix that problem, we drove for 2 hours to get to Bosnia. It was kind of strange to see so many buildings with giant bullet and bomb holes in them.
The main thing we saw was the Mostar bridge. It was bombed due to political problems, and the pieces fell into the river. When they rebuilt it, they put in parts of the old bridge. When we were there, we saw a man jump off of the bridge, and into the water for money.

When we saw a video about the bridge, they showed a scene of one of the men jumping off of the bridge in the 1990s. (It is 80 or 90 feet to the water.)It turns out that the man who jumped off of the bridge back then was collecting the money now. Bosnia had a distinct culture, and their metalworking was fantastic.

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