Grazing through the Pike Place Market

It’s touristy, crowded, and, generally not our scene, but, when you’re in Seattle, you just have to suck it up and visit the Pike Place Market.

A pat and a coin assures good food karma

We started with Dungeness Crab cocktail from City Fish. So good, we inhaled two.

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I stopped at the Korean Food stall and got some veggies and rice to go. — Just average. With all of the other options, I chucked it, recycled the box and moved on.

We had to stop in to Beecher’s Cheese for the mac-and-cheese.

Image from Beecher's website

It was creamy and delicious, but, we more enjoyed their smoked Flagship cheese with our off the charts nectarines and cherries from Sosio’s Produce stand. ¬†WHY can’t we have a Market like this in Colorado?

Image from Sosio's website


Snoop must be having a growth spurt because he had to have some Sesame Balls when we got to Mee Sum Pastry. I thought we were stuffed until…

The fabulous brioche from Le Panier did not disappoint. J had a turkey sandwich that he pronounced “decent.”

I can’t even discuss their Macarons, mainly because they were so perfect, the Snoop kyped them. I did get a bite of the chocolate one and the vanilla – Snoop pronounced them wonderful enough to maybe start a food cult where they are placed on a pedestal for better adoration.

Image from Le Panier website

I wish I had the fortitude to try one of each of their amazing looking pastries.


The coup de grace was our visit to Gelatiamo – not in the Market, but, on the way back to the hotel. Perhaps it was because we were so full, but, we weren’t amazed by the Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Coconut or Chocolate scoops. You’d think that we’d find ONE flavor for which to wax poetic.

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