Snoop: Washington, D.C.

We visited a lot of monuments and museums in DC.

I loved visiting the National Geographic Museum. It was down the street from our hotel. My favorite room there was the one with all of the magazine covers back to the very first one that looked like it came out of a typewriter.

I also liked the Newseum. It is a museum to learn about the different kinds of news. They had a lot of exhibits about JFK, who used to be President, but, he got assassinated. They also have a big piece of the Berlin Wall.

There are almost 20 museums that make up the Smithsonian Museums. Did you know that you can go into them for free? That was really cool. Just like when we were in England, the British Museum and others were free. Anyway, we got to see the ruby slippers that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz movie (they do not really have rubies, they are sequins that are glued on), and Kermit the Frog. We also saw a lot of amazing dinosaur skeletons at the Natural History Museum. They have the BEST rock and mineral collection of any museum I have ever seen. They even have the Hope Diamond. I could have spent all day in there. We went to the Air & Space Museum and saw the Flyer, the Wright Brothers first plane, and the Hubble Telescope and a lunar lander and all kinds of rockets.

We saw so many monuments, I can’t even remember them all. My favorite was the one of Abraham Lincoln.

The Washington Monument has scaffolding all the way around it, so, you can barely see it.

I liked the museums in DC, but, I was a little creeped out by our excitement for the week. Some random man was digging his hands into some other random person’s backpack. Dad called him out on it and the man got mad and wanted a smackdown. Meanwhile, Dad took off up the escalator so the man could not see him.

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  1. Hi Coop, I am glad you enjoyed the Smithsonian. I have been a volunteer there for twenty years. I have gotten to work on some pretty cool stuff over those years. We will be on Celebrity Silhouette in July and may be taking a tour with you out of Koper. We are traveling with our twelve year old grandson. Hope to meet you then, Heather

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