Snoop: New York

Did you know that New York has the largest population of bedbugs in the world. Their subways are confusing. And, it is a really busy, big city. We are staying in an apartment in Chelsea. It is walking distance to a TRADER JOE’S. We were so excited we went there and bought tons of food, especially their sea salt caramels and the S’More Squares. They are so incredibly yummy.

The Statue of Liberty was cool, even though we couldn’t get off the boat. The statue was damaged in Hurricane Sandy. It is going to reopen in July. She was the coolest giant, oxidized copper woman I have ever seen.

We also went to visit the 9-11 Memorial site which made us all very sad. It has all the names of the deceased people on the walls of a long square plaque that is wrapped around a waterfall.

Then, we went to Times Square which is huge and also very busy.

Did you know that there are 22 different colors of M&Ms? I tried them all. Each color is equally delicious. – The Mint, dark chocolate ones are super yummy.

We saw two shows. Wicked, which is a classic and is funny. We also got to see Peter and the StarCatcher. It was very creative and funny. I loved seeing it because I loved the book series that it is based on.

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