Snoop: Boston

We are staying at the Onyx Hotel. I like it because the people are super nice.

The two main things we did in Boston were walking on the Freedom Trail and visiting some of the schools in Cambridge.
The Freedom Trail connects all of the major historic attractions across the city. It was interesting to see the old buildings, and to find out more about the US becoming its own country. Have you seen the movie National Treasure? We saw the Old North Church from the first movie. And, we saw where Ben Franklin’s parents are buried.

The best thing for me was walking around the M.I.T. campus. It was SO COOL.
They have a magnetic laboratory. There is also this long long long corridor called the Infinite Corridor (it does have ends), and the cool thing is that there are lots of windows into all of these labs so you can see what people are working on. It would be an awesome place to go to school if the winters weren’t so cold.
We walked around Harvard too. In my opinion, M.I.T. is way cooler. And, they have a COOP.

Also, we tried the top 3 cupcake bakeries here, and, the best one was Georgetown Cupcakes, especially the red velvet kind.

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