Snoop: Big Island

We stayed at Hapuna again. It feels like a second home to me because everyone remembers you. I like seeing my friends Ginger and Maka. I have known them since I was little. They have a really good breakfast buffet with little round waffles and awesome coconut syrup. It is my favorite place in Hawaii. It also has the best beach.

On Tuesday, we celebrated finishing an entire year of travel by swimming with wild dolphins. We got into a zodiac and chugged along. About 5 minutes later, we saw 4 pods of dolphins swimming together but the water was choppy and they were moving fast, so, we decided against going in the water right then.

An hour later, there were around 100 dolphins hanging out in the water and we jumped in. At one time, I was maybe 4 inches away from one. It was an awe inspiring experience having something so big be so playful. Being with the dolphins makes you feel so happy inside and out. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

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