Snoop: Juneau

Yesterday we were on the boat for the entire day at Tracy Arm. We saw a bunch of ginormous glaciers.

In Juneau, we went to see the drive-in glacier. Its real name is Mendenhall Glacier. We tried to go on a hike to the waterfall near the glacier, but, the trail was totally flooded. Uncle Koo Hook was very brave, he walked with his stick to see how deep the water was and then he decided we shouldn’t go any farther down the path. The glacier was really cool and awesome. We took a path across the parking lot to see the salmon spawning. They were different colors, like very dark red and almost kind of purple. When we were on the path, we saw some bushes moving. Then, all of a sudden, we saw a big, huge black bear go walking right under the bridge we were standing on.

All of that happened in just the morning. In the afternoon, we went in to the town of Juneau. It is the capital of Alaska. I was surprised that the CapitOl does not have a dome. We took a tram up the side of a mountain and we met Lady Baltimore. She is a Bald Eagle who was shot in the eye by a mean person. She now lives in captivity and she gets to hang out and meet people all day. She is so beautiful.

The rest of Juneau was mainly jewelry stores and t-shirt stores. There is an old saloon there called the Red Dog. Our guide told us that the reason they have sawdust and sometimes hay on the floor there is because in the old days, the gold miners would come in there to buy drinks and sometimes, their gold would drop out of their pockets. Once it dropped out, it would be hard to find in all of the hay and sawdust. Then, every month, the bar owners would take all of the old sawdust and stuff out and look through it for pieces of gold.

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