Snoop: Taupo

we packed a lot of activities in to our 4 days in Taupo.

We hiked to the Huka Falls. The Huka Falls have so much water falling that they can fill 5 Olympic sized swimming pools every minute. That is 200,000 liters of water per second.

The Huka Honey Hive was awesome. They have lots of bees living there and they have wonderful samples of over a dozen minds of honey. An added bonus was that you get little Popsicle sticks for every honey sample. the Popsicle sticks have provided hours of amusement.

Then, we went to watch a dam opening. The floodgates turned a trickle of water into a huge water fall full of rapids.

After that, we played a game of mini golf. I got two holes in one. Nobody else got any, but, I still lost the game.

Finally, we went river rafting on the Tongariro river. We went into a boat with 3 other people, plus a guide whose first initial was J. We went through more than 60 rapids. It was awesome. I want to go rafting again.

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