Snoop: Picton, New Zealand

Picton is a little town at the very top of the South Island. from here, you can take a ferry to the North Island.

Today, we got to go on a dolphin watching trip. Today is the last time they are doing it this season. We got to see these super rare Hector’s Dolphins.

To celebrate, they brought two very special guests along. They are both Rowi Kiwi. Rowi Kiwis are the most endangered of all of the species of kiwi with less than 1000 left. People told us that there are only 5 species of kiwi, but, they are wrong! there are now 6. The Blue Kiwi is the rarest bird on earth, with a population of (drum roll) TWO! They are only on one island on earth, and, they have not bred yet. 🙁

The two kiwis on the boat with us were only 2 months old and they were adorable. The Wildlife Service is bringing them to this special island that has no predators so they can grow big enough to be released on the mainland without getting eaten by stoats or other predators. We got to meet BOND, the baby kiwi.

I wish I could have a few kiwis at home.

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