Snoop: Ohau Baby Seal Nursery by Kaikoura

Today, we are going to see baby seals!

We had fun walking up the edge of the river. the road goes over a kind of tunnel for the seals. on one side is the Pacific Ocean, and the other side is a river. When the seal moms have kinda, they bring them up the river to this big waterfall. There are all of these little
pools that go up to the waterfall.

Anyway, it was so cute, because, walking up to the waterfall, you see a few little seals playing in the pools and you tank they are the cutest things ever. Then, when you get up to the actual waterfall, there are HUNDREDS of seals. They are New Zealand Fur Seals. they can climb up the rocks around the river because their flippers are adapted to climbing. We saw one seal climbing over land towards the top of the waterfall and we didn’t see him again. I hope he got to where he was going.

Did you know that the baby seals go down to the ocean every night to eat and hang out with their moms? Then, every morning, they eat breakfast and then go back to the waterfall to play all day with their friends.

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