Snoop: Anchorage

We went to the Ulu knife store. The ulu is a very rare knife made only in Alaska, well… only the good ones. The not good ones are made in China, but they still say Alaska on them.

I also got to have a scoop of Glacial Silt ice cream. There wasn’t really silt in there, but, it was kind of the same color as a river with silt in it. It is a combination of cinnamon and ginger and it is very scrumptious.

But the best thing in Anchorage was……. the puppies we met. We got to see 7 puppies and 5 dogs who were Huskies and Malamutes. One was Hugo, from the movie “Snow Buddies.”

Another dog was named Buddy. He was a really big dog who was trained to stand up on the sled where the musher is supposed to go.

The other 3 dogs have at some point in their life been in the Iditarod, a dogsled race, but are now retired from dog sledding.


Now, saving the best for last, the puppies are the cutest little things! They were all 6 weeks old. They were named Lily, William, Drake, Peyton Jr., Carlton, a no name, and one more I can’t remember. We got to play with them for a long time. I loved Lily the most, She was pretty wiggly and she got a little vocal, but it was really cute.



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