Snoop: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Just a few kilometres d When we got off the train, we saw the animal hospital. Down the street from Burleigh Heads there is a town called Currumbin. It is by the airport.

We went into the WIldlife Sanctuary and caught a little train to take us to the other end of the park. A few steps from the train is the animal hospital. DId you know that they see over 7000 wild, native animals a year? The hospital is not super huge, so, that is a lot of animals every day.

After the hospital, we saw the Tasmanian Devils. They are pretty cute, and, they look nothing like the one on TV. What do you think?

Then, we saw the echidnas. They are really cute. They have this funny walk, like, “both feet on the left, then, both feet on the right.” They are spiky.

Then, we walked to the wombats, but , sadly none were out to play. We did get to see some dingoes though.

And, they have lots of koalas.

The other cool thing at Currumbin is the Green Challenge. It is a ropes challenge with zip lines, tight ropes, tubes and a Tarzan swing. It was very fun, except for once when I forgot to put on a glove before I started a zip line and my hand was on fire.

Afterwards, we went across the street to Honey World. We tasted a dozen different kinds of honey. They also had a Galah bird named Chuckles who talked to us.


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