Thank heavens for postcards

We took the train to Denali and we were, based on the commotion on the train, exceedingly fortunate to see Denali, in its entirety! Like any self respecting tourist, we quickly ran to the outside of the train and shot 100 or so photos (yay 8 gig card!) of said mountain, and, it is really beautiful. We retreated to the comfort of the Dome Car and bonded with a wonderful family from Washington, D.C. Needless to say, we didn’t bother to look at our photos for a few days.


It doesn’t look near as majestic and impressive as it is in real life. Wait ’til you see my moose in the bushes photo. I guess I won’t give up my day job. Lesson learned? Buy the fabulously composed, pristine day, clear as a bell postcards.

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