Snoop: South Pacific Cruise Part 2

We had to miss one port in the first half of the cruise. It was called Lifou. It was going to be mainly a beach stop.

After that, we went to Suva, Fiji. We went in to the middle of town and did a little shopping. I can’t wait to show you what I got from a local handicraft store. It is so awesome.

Here is one of them – can you guess what it is and what the natoive Fijians use it for?

After that, we walked to the Museum that we thought was open. Obviously, we were wrong.

We also visited Dravuni island in Fiji. It had a beautiful beach and a lot of cool coral, like brain coral, in the water not far off shore. There were a lot of fish too, and crabs.

I wish we could have stayed there longer, but, we had to leave early because Tropical Cyclone Sandra was coming our way and we had to try to outrun it. We had a few rough seas, but nothing really bad. The unfortunate part was that we did not get to visit our last port, Noumea, so we ended up being at sea for 5 days straight.

I was perfectly happy hanging out with my friends, Nathan (he lives in Australia) and Kiara (she lives in Canada), playing gagaball.

Gagaball is played with a really big tennis ball. You make a 20 foot square and, using your hands, you have to hit the ball at other people. If it hits below their groin, they are out. It was fun.

Me and my mom are also addicted to Name That Tune trivia – we won 5 out of 8 games and placed second the other 3.


I like being on ships because you don’t have to pack and unpack every couple of days.

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