Snoop: South Pacific Cruise Part 1

We got on the cruise ship and I really liked the balcony so you could hang out outside and read or watch the ocean go by.  We made stops in New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Our first stop was called Ile des Pins, New Caledonia. The sand was so fine, it felt like flour.

Our next stop was Port Vila, Vanuatu. We had a cool and nice cab driver named Andre. He told us stories about when Survivor filmed there. He said that 80 drivers were busy every day bringing camera people and others to and from where they filmed the show.

Here is one of the beaches they used for filming:


As we drove around the port, we saw a huge, beautiful yacht in the harbor. When we asked about it, Andre said “the police raided that boat and found tons of guns and cash on board. The ringleader got away and went back to Asia, but his whole crew is in jail here.”

We also went to visit Hideaway Island. It is a tiny island just off the coast. It is home to the one and only underwater post office in the world.

In my very humble opinion, the post office could use a clean. It is a telephone booth sized building where a man in SCUBA gear sends your letter. He was off duty when we were there, so we put it in the letter box.

The island’s beach is made out of coral. Some of the pieces are great for skipping on the calm sea. My high score was 8 skips!


I can also say that I stood on the roof of a post office.

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