Snoop: Bali Part 2

I already told you about our awesome guide, so, I will tell you that he also took us to Ubud. We went to this restaurant called Indus. It had great food, and a really nice view from the patio.

My Mom and Dad went there when they were young. Last century.

Ubud had so many things to buy. My mom wanted to get a whole shipping container and fill it up to the top with everything. She almost went crazy.

We went to a place called Seminyak. The beach there was better than Sanur. This beach has big waves that pummel you and dark sand that sticks to your feet. The bummer about the beach here is that it takes 5 minutes to walk to from our hotel.

Overall, I really liked Bali and I would like to go back. There’s enough stuff to do, but, enough time to relax. The people were always so happy, and the food is good there.


Here is my Bali video:

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