Snoop: Singapore

We arrived at  the Swissotel in Singapore in the afternoon. From our hotel balcony on the 33rd floor, we could cede across the city. There are a lot of huge skyscrapers here, and, the Singapore Flyer, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world.

We could see a spiky building that looked like a durian fruit and a set of buildings called Marina Bay Sands, that looks sort of like a boat on 3 pillars.

The next day, we saw the Merlion and malls. There must be 600 malls in Singapore. There are so many, and, it seems like they are all attached to each other underground. Also, there is the yummiest cookie place called Cookies By Sid in the Marina Square mall. They have addictive cookies.

We took a taxi to see my mom’s friends, the Kupermans, and we saw 8 different malls in 10 minutes. Aside from the concert hall building, I think every place we saw was a store, hotel or office building.

After lunch, we went to ride on the Singapore Flyer. You could see everything from our hotel to ant-sized people.



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