Snoop: KL

After 4 days in Kyoto, and, our first snowfall of the trip, we went back towards the Equator to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We thought the flight would only be 5 hours, but we got the time difference wrong, so, it was actually 7 hours.

By the time we got to the hotel, I could only take a shower before the wave of tiredness hit me. When I woke up, I could see two gigantic skyscrapers out our window. I remembered where I was, and that they were called the Petronas Towers. They loomed over every building around them.

On the first 5 floors of the 88, it is a shopping mall. The next 83 floors are offices. Did you know that most of the offices are empty? Our taxi driver told us they keep building huge buildings and nobody uses them.

Did you know also that the Petronas Towers used to be the tallest buildings in the world? As of today, they are tied for 6th place.

It is very hot in KL. Also, it seems like the entire city is shopping and offices.

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