Snoop: Tokyo

I love Japan. You can breathe here. All the people are nice here. And, it is the home of sushi. Lots of restaurants have fresh sushi and it is awesome. Did you know that there are also stores that sell plastic food? You have probably seen it in the windows of some restaurants. In Japan, almost every restaurant has plastic food outside to show you what they serve inside. Doesn’t this sushi look appetizing?

It’s plastic!!!!!

Also, across this pedestrian bridge from our hotel, there is a huge mall that has a cool store that is the center of all awesome things in the world. It has everything from pillows to escape pods. We deeply enjoyed the Tokyu Hands store.

What we liked even more was the Supertoilets.

There was one that had a spray, bidet, deodorizer, seat warmer, sound effects and a massage for your booty, all in one!

We love Japan because it is clean, no-one smokes, and everything is very orderly. Also, the bullet train is really cool. It goes so fast, you can barely see what you are passing outside.

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