Snoop: Shanghai

After Xi’An, we went to Shanghai. We flew there. It was funny being on the plane because, like our last flight in China, almost as soon as the plane hits the ground, people undo their seatbelts and start scurrying up the aisles to get off the plane.

Our hotel is nice. It is in a tall building in the middle of town. The best thing is we found a vegetarian restaurant that has all kinds of fake meat. My favorite was the fake beef, but, the fake pork and chicken were good too. The fake shrimp were kind of weird though.



Aside from eating, we didn’t do that much in Shanghai. The weather was cold and damp. We did a walking tour of the Bund and wandered near Yuyuan Garden. Shanghai has less pollution than Beijing, but it is also a really big city. Did you know it has one of the tallest buildings in the world there?



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