Snoop: Ky Son Village / Moon Garden Resort Homestay

We drove up a winding, bumpy road through a small village. Our hotel was at a turn in the road. There were cement trucks laying down cement. The next morning, we had to sprint back from our walk around the village because they had got up to the street in front of the hotel.


When we walked inside the “house,” we saw PUPPIES!

There were 4 German Shepherd colored puppies, one tan-colored girl, a gray and white one, and, my favorite, a black guy with white socks and curly ears. He was so cute. We lent him some of our lunch (we made it at a cooking class) and he gratefully accepted our gift and then ran off. All of the puppies were shy at first except for one. The dad dog was tan and the mom dog was all black. It is funny how the puppies all look different.

It was really cold at night. Our room had a great heater that made it hot in only one spot which was at the foot of the big bed.

Outside, there is a really LOUD bird that makes the oddest noises. The man said it was a Chinese Starling. It can make sounds like a car alarm.

We learned how to make butterflies out of cucumbers and roses out of tomatoes. I was okay at the butterflies but my rose was demented.

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