Snoop: Saigon 2

After a week at the beach, we came back to Saigon to celebrate the new year. We were busy for all 3 days.


We visited the Cu Chi Tunnels with our other awesome guide, Khoi. The story that they told of the war was different than the story we heard in the USA. They showed a movie about the “American Killer Heroes” – Vietnam soldiers who killed a lot of Americans. I felt like some kind of animal that everyone wanted to kill when I heard that. I am glad that was years ago. Everyone in Vietnam was very nice to us.

I couldn’t believe how tiny the tunnels were that the soldiers hid in.

The people at the Cu Chi tunnels make special sandals out of tires. By just pulling the strap, they turn in to sandals you can run in.

After that, we went to the War Remnants Museum. They had all kinds of guns and tanks and helicopters and planes from the Vietnam War.

Inside, they had 3 floors of photos. One was regular photos. The other 2 floors had depressing photos. People who were hurt by Agent Orange, and people who had gotten shot and things like that. I felt so sad, I wanted to leave right away. I was afraid the pictures will haunt me forever. I felt guilty that our country did all of that damage and killing.


I was so glad to get out of there.

On a happier note, our hotel was right across the river from where they lit off fireworks for New Year’s. It was so awesome. We could see all of the fireworks perfectly from our 15th floor windows!


 We heard Gangnam Style about 20 times when we were walking around downtown before the fireworks.



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