Snoop: Saigon

From Siem Reap we flew to Saigon. After we got through Customs, we saw our guide’s smiling face. His name is Khoi. He is nice and friendly.

After a little drive, we made it to the hotel.

Since we have stayed at so many Marriotts and Renaissances, we were up on the 15th floor, facing the river. The hotel has a really big and good buffet for breakfast. They have waffles, noodles, pastries and omelets and fresh juices from watermelons and passion fruits.

It is kind of strange to see all kinds of Christmas decorations in a Buddhist country. There are Santas and big trees everywhere. They sell Santa clothes on all the main streets.

Did you know that there are 3.5 million scooters in Saigon? There are hardly any cars. It is scary crossing the streets here because if people zipping around on scooters. We rode on a cyclo in the traffic. I am glad I had a mask so I could breathe.

We went to the flower market


and the scooter parts market that has every spare part you can imagine and more. Plus, they fix motorcycles right on the street.

We also went to a burning market. They are markets that sell stuff for people to burn. They burn things for people who have died. Supposedly, the things you burn will appear for you in heaven. They even have cell phones and houses and pets.


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  1. Don’t burn that $$$ snoop!!! (please don’t burn an animal either…or a cell phone…would emit too many toxins!!! 🙂 Interesting concept though. It is amazing all the different customs/beliefs people have!!!

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