Delhi to Agra in numbers

We drove from Delhi to Agra today. After a few minutes we decided it would be fun to count a few things that we generally don’t see in the USA… or Europe… or anywhere we’ve been.

19 roadside barber shops

29 pigs

9 camels

14 chickens

3 horses

27 cars or motorcycles going the wrong way down the highway

7 people on a tractor (no trailer)

22 people crammed into one auto rickshaw

106 random cows

1 elephant

12 monkeys, including one wearing makeup and clothing

5 donkeys

39 men answering the call of nature

1 woman answering the same call

1 naked guy eating brekkie on a bus bench

1 naked guy (we learned he was a Jain priest) wandering down the street surrounded ny a bunch of men dressed in white

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