Snoop: Bob… a terrible ending

Our day started out in a good way. We got off the tender and immediately saw Petro. Petro the pelican was an adorable, little critter, but Bob was cuter. Bob was what we names this cute, little octopus. Hopefully, Bob was old because he didn’t live after today. Two people from England found him and attracted attention to him. About 10 or 15 people were standing around admiring Bob in the water. He even climbed on my Dad’s hand for a minute. He was a very happy octopus.¬†Unfortunately, he attracted too much attention.

Suddenly, a Greek man from a beach restaurant walked up, yanked Bob out of the water and killed poor, little Bob by throwing him on his head onto the rocks. Then, the man said “I will grill it.” ¬†I was so sad for the whole entire day.

As far as the place-o-meter where we are ranking everywhere, Mykonos gets a big, fat ZERO, because of the man who ruined Bob’s life.

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