Snoop: Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is a little, old town down at the bottom of the Czech Republic. We went river rafting. It was really fun, and, we did NOT crash on the river rapids like many others in canoes.


Like a few others, we had an inflatable canoe which is wider than a regular canoe. SOme of the rapids turned over our kind of boat, but, not ours. We were lucky. On the way down the river, some people would stop at restaurants and bars for a drink. We saw loads of drunk people in boats floating down the river. Every once in awhile, 1 boat would pull over and someone would stumble out of the boat and onto the shore to pee on a tree. Some other people couldn’t wait either, and they went in the water. I decided not to go swimming in the river even though it was very hot outside.


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