Snoop: Prague

Praha is beautiful, and, at night, the city glows with light. Our apartment is about 100 meters from this big river and a famous bridge, called the Charles Bridge. In the river, there are some little islands. There is one on the other side of the bridge from our apartment. It is called Kampa Island. It has a big wall that is covered in graffiti. It is called the John Lennon Peace Wall. I wanted to write my name on the wall, but, I didn’t have any spray paint.

We also saw a really cute puppy on the Charles Bridge. Her name was Lara. I think we are going to NEED to have more dogs in our family when we get back.


One thing that I learned was that when they do the Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle, the soldiers can wear sunglasses. We didn’t see this in London at their big Changing of the Guard.

More on Prague soon. It is a neat city.

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