Across the Pond

We depart for our grand U.K. adventure tomorrow morning, and, as usual, I have yet to pack ANYTHING beyond toothbrush, toothpaste and “chick-lit”, brain candy book. Our goal is to travel with one 22″x9″x14″ carry-on bag apiece, and one small daypack/purse.

The Snoop is very enamored with his orange “rolly bag”, and has had all of his little packing cubes and backpack filled and zipped for weeks. Not that he is super-excited for his first trip to Europe!

For posterity’s sake (and, so I don’t forget as much stuff), here is my first attempt at a semi-cultured/urban/probably rainy packing list (including what I’ll wear on the plane):

2 short-sleeved collar shirts

2 t-shirts

1 long-sleeve collar shirt

1 long-sleeve t-shirt

1 “date” top

1 “date” skirt

1 pair “date” shoes

2 pairs pants

1 convertible pants

1 pair black sweats/casual pantalones

1 pair of jeans. I know, they’re heavy, take up heaps of space and take forever to dry. I just CAN’T let go of them.

4 undies

3 pairs socks

Rain jacket

Zippy fleecy top of some sort

Barefoot shoes

Sandal-ly shoes

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, nightguard

Moisturizer with sunscreen

Empty water bottle



Bad Elf GPS Receiver for geocaching and driving directions


I will hope that our various lodgings have shampoo, conditioner and soap.

The imminent “how many things I forgot” post will come shortly. Am I taking too much? Too little? Will it all fit? I guess I can sleep on the flight.



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