The best chocolate in Belgium

For the sake of education, we thought we’d better formulate a detailed, multipoint research project regarding the culinary phenomenon that is chocolate. We only had 6 days to compile our findings, so, it took a great deal of dedication. Here are the contenders we tried and a few words about each:

Leonidas – okay. too many pralines. all over the world stores
Godiva – really pricy and doesn’t taste as good as some others
Corne – yummy. Not the best though.
La Cure Gourmande – Meh.
Planete Chocolate – good chocolate, interesting info, cool things made out of chocolate.
Elisabeth – Their nougats were worthwhile, their chocolates were good, not exceptional.
Filip Martin – Sadly, we don’t really remember these – we may have been getting a little sugar crash headache at this one.
Neuhaus – good, but, too many stores make it not special. Chocolate should be special.
Thus ended our first day tasting in Brussels.

The next day, we went to Bruges to continue our quest for the most amazing chockie.

Delpa – J really liked this one. We thought it was an 8 out of 10
The Chocolate Line – Their Soleil chocolate is sheer perfection. This store rounds out the Top3 overall.
Brown Sugar – Chocolate was good, not amazing. Their flavoured marzipan was super yummy.
Dumon – seemed expensive, but yummy.
The Old Chocolate House – very tasty and smells good, but, not as good as the Chocolate Line here

Bordering on illness (we thought it impossible), we felt that we must soldier on to enlighten friends and fam as to the “very most bestest,” saving some of the best for last:

Galler – very yummy. Feels exclusive.
Pierre Marcolini – Wow. Definitely top 3. Amazing Venezuela dark chocolate. Probably 2nd place after Mary.
Alex & Alex – coming soon to the USA. Rich, but, not as intense as Pierre.
Mary – the best. No question. Even J is addicted. Best smelling store too
Artisanal Chocolate – really nice lady worked there. Chocolate was very good.
Chocoholic – Some good stuff, but, tastes more like downmarket Hershey’s chocolate.
Pelicaen – this wasn’t particularly memorable.

And now, I will eat celery and carrots for a week. Okay, a day. A snack?

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