Snoop: Belgium 1

July 8

We got out of the train station and 10 minutes later we got pick=pocketed. It was the iPad that got stolen and I was SO mad.

July 9

Today we saw the Manneken Pis. It is a statue of a little boy peeing. Did you know he has more than 100 different outfits? He has more clothes than I do. There were so many people looking at him. And, the whole block between him and the Grand Place is full of chocolate stores.

July 10 – Brugges

Today we took a day trip to Brugges, Belgium. First, we went to a choclate museum called Choco-Story. It was averageish. Next, we went to lunch (we spent 2 hours in the chocolate place so we were starving). Lunch was below average. We were going to visit the Frite Museum, but, since the chocolate one was just average, and, I like chocolate way more than fries, we skipped it.
After lunch, we started pillaging chocolate stores. That was the funnest part. We got chocolate in almost every store we passed. There was one called the Chocolate Line that had these delightful little dome-shape chocolates called Soleil (it means sun in French). It was dark chocolate with passionfruit stuff in the middle. It was heavenly. The chocolate almost makes up for the jerk who pickpocketed us.



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