Snoop: Germany

Germany was beautiful, but I could never live there. There is way too much smoking. This is the bad thing about Germany. Everywhere, people are smoking. We stayed in a bed and breakfast, and, it was a non-smoking place, but, still, in the restaurant outside, there was smoking and it came up to our room.


The good parts of Germany are that there are lots of dogs,and, the Rhine in Flames weekend had great fireworks. You can see them starting in the next town over, and they keep lighting them up the Rhine. They lit them around this castle across the river, and then in a vineyard, and then, from the river. They didn’t finish until way after midnight. We took the chairlift back down to Rudesheim. There were thousands of people trying to get back down the hill and only 2 or maybe 3 people in each car. Most of them were smoking.

Without all the smokers, it would be a perfect place to live. It has good sights, good food, good museums (minus the Torture Museum which was awful) and good architecture.  Their weather is so unpredictable, it rains one minute and is sunny the next.

The sun sets really late

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