Charbonnel et Walker – Our new addiction

As you well know, chocolate is my favorite food group. My dear friend, Ellison Poe (and her amazing dad, Fred), informed me of this British chocolatier, and I hoped to sample their wares before the end of our week in London. As our hotel is strategically located about 45 seconds from the door of Harrod’s, it was important that the Snoop experience the foodie nirvana of the Food Halls, so, off we set.  When what to our wandering eyes should appear? A Charbonnel et Walker counter, oh dear!

It took us a good nanosecond for the Pavlovian response to happen as we were drawn in to the counter. Kyle, our C et W server offered us samples of their plain chocolate and we were goners. At 7 GBP per 100 grams, I expected perfection, and was justly rewarded. Needless to say, we visited the counter daily while we were in London. I hope that we’ll find it elsewhere, or, that they mail order to the U.S. because, it really IS that good.

I feel a little guilty that our first post from England is not about the fabulous, urban vibe, the incredible history, the plays or Wimbledon. Can I say it again? This chocolate is freakin’ fantastic!

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