Snoop: Stockholm, Sweden

We went to the Ice Bar. It was in a hotel. They gave you big gloves and a fur lined poncho and hoodie to wear, and everything is made out of ice in there. The bar, the chairs, even the glasses that you drink out of are made out of ice. It was pretty cold in there, but you were warm with all the clothes they give you to wear over your clothes.

We also went to the Vasa ship which has been turned into a museum. The ship was built in 1628 and it only sailed for 20 minutes before it sank. They found the ship in, I think, the 1970s and they raised it up from the bottom. When they pulled it up, they found over 14,000 pieces of artifacts of the Vasa. The ship is immense and the museum is 7 floors high and the masts stick up through the ceiling because they are so tall.

But, most importantly, was one incident. A drunk man went running out of an art gallery with a wine glass raised in his hand. The unfortunate thing is, the man broke the wineglass on the side of my head and then threw the glass against a wall. There were little pieces of glass on my jacket and I had a red splotch on the side of my face that went away. I was unhurt, but very scared. The gallery owners and other Swedish people came running out of the gallery because they saw what happened.

Mom and Dad were so thrilled that I was okay. My Dad wanted to chase the guy down and punch him out.

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