Snoop: Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia was very fun to go to. We got to make marzipan animals with color. Marzipan is a paste made out of almonds and sugar. While we were in the marzipan place, it rained like heck.

I made a parrot that was green, orange (surprise surprise ;o-)) and red.  Mom made a dolphin that was a grayish and greenish blue. I named my parrot Tibu. Tibu is young bird in Estonian.

After we went to the old part of the city, we went to lunch. It was above average. I got a paneer burrito.  They also had a mango smoothie, but, it tasted like it had pepper in it.


I am trying to keep track of the countries I have been to. So far, I have been to the USA, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Denmark and Estonia. Estonia is my 12th country I have been to, but, my 5th on the trip.

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