Snoop: Copenhagen, Denmark

I think Copenhagen is the best city we have been to on the trip. It is really clean and pretty and they have canals where you can ride boats to go to the mall, or see the highlights of town.

We went to the summer solstice celebration. It had lots of bonfires lit in the city. We went to the middle of town, and watched them burn this witch or scarecrow that burned like gas was on it.

The weather in Copenhagen is unpredictable. You can get 5 minutes of sun but then the rain comes. When it is warm, it would be a nice spot to live.

The food here is magnificent.  We found a good pizza place on the side of Nyhavn called Venezia, I think.

The Little Mermaid is a bronze statue of a mermaid sitting on a rock. That is how the Little Mermaid movie came to be. I was looking for Sebastian the crab, but he wasn’t there.


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