Snoop: Ireland – Driving around the country.

Here is a short list of what we did in Ireland.

The National Museum in Dublin was cool. I did a video about it.  They had artifacts from Ancient Egypt there, and from the Vikings. When you walk in to the Museum, there is a huge zodiac mosaic across the floor that is very intricate. Also, there are baby swans  in this big park. They are called cygnets and they are so cute and fluffy!


We drove to Belfast and went to the Titanic exhibit. It has a ride and some fun interactive games. We went to the Giant’s Causeway which is at the top of the country when you look at the map. I did a video there too.

Then, we went to Dingle to look for Fungie,  the friendly dolphin. We ate fish-and-chips and seafood chowder for lunch. We also had calamari and chips. It was all awesome.

The Ring of Kerry was very pretty. I got to sit with my new friend, Trudy, on the bus. She is so nice. It makes me sad that I cannot see her again for a year.

We went to the Waterford factory and saw their masters cutting crystal bowls. They are really good at it and it is all done by hand. We went to a singalong at a pub that was fun until I had to stand up and do that song about no unicorns. I was terrified. It was still fun though.

On the last day, we went to a town called Glendalough. There was a graveyard there and Mom thinks we found one of our relatives who was buried in there. Her name was Ellen McCabe. My great grandmother was a McCabe. We went back to Dublin to check on the progress of the baby cygnets at St. Stephen’s Green. They are so adorable. I got to feed them by hand this time.


If the weather was better, I could live in Ireland.

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